About Sam

HI!  I'm Sam, a dread lover and locker from beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.
I have been creating, repairing and maintaining dreads for over 20 years. Due to lots of traveling and and having lived in a high tourist area my clients are from all over the world.
IMG_1110My dread work is completely natural and organic.  I use NO wax, chemicals or other nasties.  I use my hands and a crochet hook.  I DO NOT use the interlocking method (looping the tip through the base to tighten) as this does NOT create dreadlocks.
The dreadlock journey for each person is different.  Dreadlocks are an expression of who weIMG_4692 are - creative, artistic, individual.  Your dreads need to suit you as an individual so it is important that your loctician take time to talk to you before creating your dreads to understand exactly what you want.  It is important that your dreads are created to suit who you are because lets face it,  once you have them you wont want to take them out!

My own dread obsession began when I was about 12 and my unruly hair would dread on its own very easily.  My mother used to yell at me "Take thoes dreadnoughts out of your hair!!!"  I had no idea what a 'dreadnought' was (apparently she had no idea either as its a ship....), but I loved what my hair was doing.  Since then I have had dreads around 5 times, and my current ones are around 10 years old.  Each time I cut my dreads out I regret it and I know now that they are here to stay.

IMG_5571The pics you see on this site are of dreads that I have created, maintained or extended (or all of the above).  This site is a constant work in progress as I am myself, so please keep visiting and share with me my own creative, artistic and individual changes.

My PASSIONS in life are many, but the main ones include dreadlocks, traveling the world, people/cultures, animals and consciously creating my life.  It is with The Dread Shed that I get to explore and play with all of my passions in one way or another.  I feel extremely blessed!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thanks for visiting The Dread Shed.


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Sam x