Hair and Dread Wraps

hair and dread wrap course

**  PLEASE NOTE:  I am currently not taking on any new students.  Please keep checking this site for updates :)


Duration: 1hr 4mins

Price $27 AUD

Everything you need to know to get started with Hair and Dread Wrapping!

Great for people wanting to learn hair wrapping for markets and festivals, or for personal use.

Included in the course:

  • A layout of all tools and fibres you need to get started
  • How to make a hair wrap on hair using embroidery floss/thread
  • How to make a hair wrap on a dreadlock using embroidery floss/thread
  • How to make a hair wrap on a dreadlock using thicker fibre (sari silk, wool etc)
  • How to make and install a detachable hair wrap
  • Adding accessories
  • Pricing guide for hair wraps
  • Lots of random facts that spilled from my brain as the course was being filmed

YOU WILL NEED:  Some embroidery floss – at least 4 colors, plus some hair to practice on.  Hair can be a mannequin, synthetic fiber or a friend.  Beads and extra bling is optional.

If you are planning on signing up for the Certificate in Loctician Training and Natural Dreadlock Making with The Dread Shed, this Hair & Dread Wrap course is included in that course for free.

Please note: To keep my prices down to an absolute minimum my camera people are paid in dreadlock work and hair wraps.  This is so I can charge you $27 for this course and not $100+.  As I am not a professional filmmaker the filming and editing is not always perfect but this film does provide you with everything you will need to know to make hair and dread wraps for business or personal use.  I teach for the love of this art form and price it in a way that is hopefully affordable for you as well as respecting my knowledge and years of experience.