The Dread Shed Dreadlocks Online Training Course

Enrolments are currently closed for all courses. 

I'll update here when courses are running again, but its unlikely to be this year. 

Sorry for any inconvenience ❤️



I am very happy to announce that in 2018 my course went global!  No matter where you are in the world you are very welcome to join us!

My comprehensive training, The Dread Shed Dreadlocks Certificate in Natural Dreadlock Making & Business Development, has been running online since 2011 and I was proudly the first online course of natural dreadlock making in the world.

I have trained over 200 natural locticians, most of which are working either full or part time in their own dreadlock business'.

The online certificate course consists of:

  • 45 pages of dreadlock and business development theory and references
  • 11 training videos
  • Online support via our private students group Facebook page
  • Continuous support for graduates via our private graduates Facebook page


  • Our unique method to creating natural dreadlocks
  • Creating & installing dreadlock extensions
  • Dreadlock accessories (wraps, beads, bling)
  • Working with clients
  • Developing a business
  • Connection to our unique and very supportive community of dreadlock artists

And so much more!

The cost of the course is AUD$590 plus you will need to purchase a training kit which will cost an extra $120 (approx).  You will have 3 months to complete the course, which is loads of time (I promise!)


Optional Personalised Training Day

Up to 6 hours personalised training over one day where we will work together on a mannequin (necessary equipment will be provided for an extra $50) perfecting and refining your technique.  We will also work on other aspects of business creation or any other areas you would like help in.  A one-day practical with me is easy and very casual, and Im sure you will even have fun!  You will leave with the skills you need to create beautiful natural dreadlocks, and you can then go on to develop your business with ongoing support from our loving community.  Cost $500AUD (equivalent to the price of a combo course).  Located in Coffs Harbour, NSW.


I have been making dreadlocks for over 30 years, and my technique is unique to The Dread Shed Dreadlocks.  You can find out more about me here.  Please email me to get started today.

The Dread Shed Dreadlock Training Course participants must agree to the Terms & Conditions of the training.  Please read them thoroughly prior to signing up.

Please note that there is no official certificate training for dreadlock artists in Australia, and our certificate is for The Dread Shed Dreadlocks only.  Please check training requirements in your country prior to signing up.