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Starting New Dreads

Daily I get asked, How do I start my new dreads? So – here I will answer your question….. Starting new dreads – I kind of want to say “Come on guys, really?  I’m a loctician and I love neat dreads!  How do you think I’m going to answer this question??”  My short answer is go […]

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To wash, or Not to wash…?

Ahhhhhh loc lovers….  SO often I am asked this question – pretty much daily and sometimes a couple of times. Should I wash my dreads?   What should I use?  How often should I wash them? Firstly let’s get rid of a really old dreadlock myth around washing.  Dirty hair DOES NOT dreadlock.  You may, […]

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the ‘H’ word

I got hit with the ‘H’ bomb again yesterday. You know…….. the H word. Hippie. Yes, hippie. Is it the dreadlocks, the clothes, no shoes perhaps??????????? I was called hippie by a teenage boy who was being looked after by a friend of mine.  As they were driving he spotted me and said something like […]

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getting paid for your work

Something I talk with my course participants about is the importance of charging for your dreadlock services – even with friends. If you are new to having a dreadlock business, or currently wondering what to charge friends, read on……… Being a good loctician involves a lot of skill, speed and practice. I personally have been […]

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