Thank Buddha / the White Witch / Allah / Goddess or whoever your deity may be: someone in Oz who understands dreads!
Sam is da BOMB... so kind, amazing energy, lots of fun, easy to talk to and knowledgeable.
Absolutely wonderful job maintaining my brittle old dreads - so efficient and quick so you're not paying for time wastage or crap service, plus the job quality is fantastic. Sam rocks it.
I highly recommend using this service and spending time in the presence of such a beautiful lady. 10/10.

Nat, Brisbane QLD


I decided to get my hair dreaded late in 2011. I had never had long hair before, so it was very wiry and thin due to many many years of neglect. I thought dreadlocks would be the best way to go. How right I was! I had several peoples’ thoughts on where to go for the dreads, then I found Sam from The Dread Shed Dreadlocks on the internet. Before I had even met her, she gave off a wonderful helpful vibe, dispelling many myths that surround dreads and the dreading process. The day I was to meet with Sam to get my dreads done she feel sick and was extremely sorry to cancel my appointment. I told her I would wait till she was free again to rebook but received a phone call from her that same night saying she would do them the next day if I was free. Regaining my excitement, myself and my girlfriend spent the Sunday with Sam while she did my dreads, and found she was an even more happy loveable person face to face. Sadly, we lost Sam to the warmer climate of Northern NSW but have stayed in contact and always catch up and get some dread loving done when she braves the cold rat race of Sydney.
Sam is a wonderful lady and always somehow remembers details about what’s been happening in your life even though you may not see her for several months. I will no longer let anyone else touch my dreads other than Sam or someone she has trained, knowing they will have the best knowledge available and will be good people in their own right. My dreads have been wonderful and tight since day 1 and have never been happier with how my hair looks, pity it too me 30 years to do it. Thanks Sam.

Dan, Sydney NSW


After 3 years of dreadlock maintenance from various salons and so-called professionals, I continually found myself unhappy with the final results of my dreads as they would only look good for a week or 2 then became loose, fell apart and eventually would break off. I was worried I just didn’t have the hair for it and thought of cutting them off.
Being a very unique trade I thought I had tried everyone, until I came across a little website called ‘The Dread Shed’ noticing an emphasis on ‘All natural, No waxes or Chemicals!’ I was intrigued, all my maintenance previously was done with wax and chemicals.
I made an appointment , although excited to get my dreads looking good again I was expecting the usual painstakingly dull experience of making light pointless conversation to avoid awkward silence with someone you don’t know for 2 -3 hours, Instead of this I was greeted by ‘SAM’, a bubbly, passionate young woman who is forever smiling I was instantly comfortable.
I told Sam how my previous dreadlock maintenance was done, she then explained all the ‘in and outs’ of how dreadlocks work and how to keep them clean, strong and tidy, how nasty all the chemicals and wax can be for your hair,(a conversation I had never had previous to getting my hair done), she then explained how she was about to do my locks (the all-NATURAL way!), at this point I realized this wasn’t a job for Sam but a passion, a love for dreadlocks and all their beauty!
Sam’s sheer talent and knowledge of locks left me with a new found appreciation and love for my own dreads, to say I left there happy would be an understatement, not only were my dreads looking the best they ever had (and stayed looking that way) but I also made an amazing friend.
I have come across no one with the raw talent that Sam possesses to create the art of Dreadlocking and with her uninhibited love for locks I would choose no one but her to do mine forever if I could I recommend Sam to everyone that asks me anything dreadlock related! Sam is someone who loves your dreadlocks as much as you. Even if you don’t want dreads and your bald I still suggest booking an appointment just to get a chance to meet this marvellous gal.
Matt, Engadine NSW


As a loc lover for a long time I finally grew my hair and decided it was time. I found A LOT of people did dreads in a way I was not comfortable with and needed to do my homework, then I stumbled upon Sam! A completely natural process and really experienced and friendly lady... I found my person! I ended up doing a 2000km round trip for the process n would do it all over again, my dreads were done :)!!!!! A continued friendship grew and any questions and maintenance issues were addressed very promptly and as from the first moment we met I have always known I’ve made the right choice!! I am a very happy dreaded man and wouldn't hesitate recommending Sam to anyone with the same desire. Spread the dread and join our community!!!!!
Luke, Lake Munmorah NSW

Thank you, Sam for my wonderful natural dreads! They are exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier.
I asked Sam every question imaginable relating to dreads, and she was more than happy to answer them. Before, during and after.
Sam created a relaxed, friendly environment. The 7hrs it took, seem to fly by.
If you’re thinking about getting dreadies, you won’t regret your decision. You will love your new dreads!
Kalina, QLD


I've been going to Sam for dread maintenance for nearly three years now. She turned my mess of dreadlocks into a dread masterpiece.
She neatens my whole head of dreads in only one hour which is really good for someone like me who has very little spare time.
My dreads sit back on their own for weeks after maintenance as Sam's different weaving methods are one of a kind.
As long as she is around and doing dread maintenance I refuse to see anyone else.
She. Is. That. Good.

Lee, Marrickville NSW



I met Sam about 18 months ago after getting my first ever lot of dreadlocks. My dreads were originally done by someone else who used wax and products to make my dreads. After about 3 months I needed some maintenance done on my dreads, I found The Dread Shed Dreadlocks, who used only natural techniques to fix dreads and not use any products which leave your hair dirty and sticky. Ever since then only Sam has the privilege of maintaining my dreads and they are clean and healthy. Natural dreadlocks are the real dreadlocks because they aren't held together by wax. Thanks Sam, The Dread Shed Dreadlocks forever!
Luke, Parramatta NSW


I got my dreads done at The Dread Shed Dreadlocks and I was stoked with the result they look sick, Sam has been doing people's dreads for years and the most experienced that I have come across!
Trent, Forster NSW


Sam is by far one of the - if not the best dread locker out there, seriously, whether you're after new dreadies or want your old ones spruced up a bit Sam is the lady to see, her all natural approach to dreadlocking is sooo effective that in no time at all you & you're lovely knotty hair will be well on their way to a much healthier & happier life.
Michael, Sydney NSW


My hair is very long and very dreaded. But my hair was once 2 inches long, I met you Sammi when searching out someone to make me look and feel more folk like....... You took one look at me and said, in your opinion my hair would have to be at least 3 inches long. My face dropped, then you told me I looked like a kid being told no at the lolly shop… I stood still and told you that is exactly how I felt. You must have felt sorry for me… or being the determined soul you are… said you would do your best. You said you could promise me nothing and that my dreads may come undone xxxxxx.... I left your home with the cutest folk style exactly what I wanted, and a friend I knew in my heart would be with me forever. Your smile, your rage, your warmth, your story and the way I can hear you listen, and the TRUTH......... I fucking love you xxxx
Jo, North Coast NSW


It was a big decision to get dreads, and I’m so glad I found someone like Sam to do them. Sam answered all of my questions and more with honesty and integrity. Nothing was too much bother. While having the dreads done, I was made to feel very comfortable and was entertained by her fantastic wit.
Would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is thinking about getting any dread work done. Love my dreads!
Heidi, Ocean Shores NSW


When I found Sam back in 2010 in the local newspaper (being so thankful for this today), I quickly called in excitement and booked in my appointment to have my hair transformed into dreadlocks! Before I knew Sam, I was of course sceptical and nervous about how good they were going to look (ahh the vanity) and whether I was going to be ripped off. How wrong I was, when I was greeted with Sam's incredible warmth and friendly personality, insanely quick fingers and skilful work. I could not wipe the smile off my face when the work was complete! She then filled my hair full of beads and trinkets I had brought along...being the kind spirit she is. Not only is Sam extremely talented at what she does, she does it with love, and this certainly shines through! Sam has maintained my dreads ever since, and I feel so so lucky to have found her!!!!
Ella, Sydney NSW


Hi Sam, just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after my dreads. Your hands, expertise, knowledge and awesome personality make all the difference!! My dreads would be lost without you and just seeing you every few months keeps them in tiptop shape... Definitely the best dread care around, I would recommend Sam to one and all for dread care, new dreads and dreadlock advice! Thank you, Sam, we will be seeing you again soon ?x
Cam, Tempe NSW


After wanting dreadlocks for a long long time, I finally stumbled across Sam. After speaking to her and easily booking an appointment, I was finally getting my dreads. Sam was professional and friendly, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with her. The outcome of my dreads definitely reflected Sam and the pride she has in her work. Since then I have had a few maintenance sessions with her and I continue to be impressed with service and the work she does. I highly recommend Sam to anyone thinking about dreadlocks, you definitely won't be disappointed.
Matt, Sydney NSW


I had my dreads put in some years ago now, they were ok but never really loved them, they just didn't seem right, and then I meet Sam. And wow did that girl change how I felt about my dreadlocks, she somehow put love in those babies. It's like she brings an essence of truth with her work. This is her, she has found her calling and shares it with the world, what a beautiful thing.
Ginnie, Newcastle NSW


I got my dreads done originally by Sam, without using any chemicals or wax which is great. After 7 very quick hours she created awesome dreadlocks!
I'm lucky to have found Sam to do my dreads, it could not be better.
I can say she is very very professional also very friendly and always with a great energy, she always making people smile with a fine conversation.
I have been a client of Sam for almost two years. I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on my dreads. Always she gives excellent results that last.
She always does a fantastic job! Highly recommended
Thank you Sam!
Claudia, Kensington NSW


My visit to The Dread Shed Dreadlocks was also the first 'me time' after the birth of my one-year old baby girl.
Straight away I felt at ease with Sam and we chatted away while I had some long overdue maintenance done.
My dreads are 2 1/2 years old and were put in by my partner for my 30th birthday. I had been maintaining them myself but felt it was time for a professional. Especially someone who could see the back!
She fixed my very lose roots and tidied up the strays that had managed to escape over time.
I entered the Dread Shed feeling like a straggly mess and left looking and feeling fab.
Misty, North Coast NSW


I met Sam 2 1/2 years ago, now I have the dreads of my dreams. Not only is Sam the god at what she does she is also an amazing person. Very well priced and did I say an amazing person. By far the best in the business.
Anthony, Wollongong NSW


I got my dreads made by Sam about 2 years and went back also for maintenance. ?she did such a great Job! My dreads were stuffed and all the over the place! she fixed them up perfectly! And also did beautiful silk wraps ?thanx again Sam!

Abby, Sydney NSW


Sam is just amazingly skilled at her craft. I have been to a few other locticians to do maintenance on my dreads since she’s left Sydney and I have not found anyone who works a crochet hook as perfectly as she does. And no wax either! Sam is just a kind soul who you can trust with your locs, whatever stage of your dreadlock journey you are at.
Will, Riverwood NSW


Sam at The Dread Shed Dreadlocks created my beautiful dreads about 1.5yrs ago and I haven't looked back, not only is she an amazing dread artist but her love for dreads shows up in her work. I cannot praise her enough; the relaxed and friendly but professional approach can't be faulted. I will continue to go to Sam for all-natural dread lovin' and I would advise anyone who wants natural dreads to pay Sam a visit.
Thankyou Sam for my gorgeous hair!
Sara Sydney, NSW


I think getting dreadlocks is more than just a hair style; it’s a life style choice, maybe a journey if you will. Thankfully my journey started out under the patient hands of Sam who has made this experience of having dread locks much more beautiful than I ever thought it could be. Not only did Sam do an amazing work on my hair, she has become a friend that I will all ways be thankful I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.
Matty, Sydney NSW


Hey Sam!!! It's Steve!!
Just wanted to say, I love my dreads!!! You've always done a great job!! You did my dreads from scratch and have always done the maintenance. My dreads look great and are growing nicely thanks to you!!!”
Steve, Newtown NSW


I dreaded my hair myself a couple of months ago thinking I'd save some money and keep it real (ha) but I have had so many problems with them UNTIL I got Sam to do some maintenance and since then they've been perfect!!! Definitely worth the money and if I had to start again I would be getting Sam to start them off and save myself a lot of drama.
Rachael, Forster NSW