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why get dreads?

Hello loc-lovers!!!!! Here is a little glimpse into the world of the dreaded mind for those who might be wondering why people dread-up or perhaps you yourself are considering getting dreads. This is a group blog from my Facebook group The Dread Shed Dreadlocks.  I asked the dreaded community why they got dreads and the […]

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dread shampoo – advice from the experts……

Are you looking for the perfect dread shampoo for your luscious locks?  I put the shampoo question out to the dreaded panel (the good people of my facebook page) and below you will find all their fantastic shampoo wisdom. When choosing a shampoo, I personally look for something that is natural, vegan, residue-free and contains […]

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Let’s talk about lice in dreads…..

Hello fellow loc-lovers!  As many of you would know I recently (March 20th 2014) put up a post on my facebook page asking everyone to share their knowledge on getting rid of lice from dreads. The information gathered is so valuable that I didn’t want it to just get lost in cyber world, so I […]

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that guy with the spider in his dreads….

Scenario number 1: Imagine me without dreads.  I know, I know…  hilarious and spooky.  Terrifying. But imagine I’m walking through the forest with my un-dreaded hair and there is a spider that decides to jump onto my head from a tree that I’ve stepped under. There is a spider in my hair and I am […]

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Dreads, passions and my (itinerant) life

            If you know me either personally or through facebook, you will know that I spend a lot of time roaming around the globe.  I have a gypsy spirit and I can’t seem to stay in one place for too long.  My insatiable desire to explore the world overrides pretty […]

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Caring for dreads in a hot climate (or, moisturizing Bali crispy-dreads!!!)

There are a couple of things you probably know about me right now: 1) I have dreads (duh!!!) 2) I have bleached dreads  3) I’m a travel junkie 4) Right now I’m in Bali   So, what happens to my bleached, dehydrated, damaged dreads when I’m somewhere hot?  Think crispy.  Think very course rope that […]

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The Dread Shed – Latest News – July 2013!

            I guess if you’re here reading this then you already know that THE DREAD SHED has had a MASSIVE overhaul! I cannot tell you how excited I am about all these changes. There’s nothing like a little shake-up every now and then If you’ve gone for a browse already […]

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Starting New Dreads

Daily I get asked, How do I start my new dreads? So – here I will answer your question….. Starting new dreads – I kind of want to say “Come on guys, really?  I’m a loctician and I love neat dreads!  How do you think I’m going to answer this question??”  My short answer is go […]

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To wash, or Not to wash…?

Ahhhhhh loc lovers….  SO often I am asked this question – pretty much daily and sometimes a couple of times. Should I wash my dreads?   What should I use?  How often should I wash them? Firstly let’s get rid of a really old dreadlock myth around washing.  Dirty hair DOES NOT dreadlock.  You may, […]

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the ‘H’ word

I got hit with the ‘H’ bomb again yesterday. You know…….. the H word. Hippie. Yes, hippie. Is it the dreadlocks, the clothes, no shoes perhaps??????????? I was called hippie by a teenage boy who was being looked after by a friend of mine.  As they were driving he spotted me and said something like […]

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