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Why Get Dreads?

Hello loc-lovers!!!!!

Here is a little glimpse into the world of the dreaded mind for those who might be wondering why people dread-up or perhaps you yourself are considering getting dreads.

This is a group blog from my Facebook page, The Dread Shed Dreadlocks.  I asked the dreaded community why they got dreads and the answers were random and varied - but one things for sure, we just love dreads!!!!!

Thank you to all contributors.  Happy reading!



Michael Why? The Predator.


Amy It fits me.

Nick Breaking away from mainstream straightness!!

Sara I never did my hair anyway ... Now it is just amazing


Nikki I'm not a fan of "normal". Apparently I'm one of those people.


Nilo I was influenced by the band P.O.D.

Kate Sick of brushing my hair, never had the time to 'do' my hair. The actual decision was a spur of the moment thing though.

Cliff Mid life crisis.

Sarah I wanted to have beads in my hair

Jo Hair freedom


Kelly Something different, what I didn't know was the beautiful journey it entailed


Lee Because they look so damn good!

Setanaya Hair freedom and letting my hair grow without the fuss!


Naomi As a small child every time I sore someone with dreads I would stare in Amaze....plus my hair would naturally dread like my daughters are now experiencing.....Well of us together as a DREADLOCK world were all the same but uniquely different

Kate I've always loved dreads I think they look so sexy on both females and males. My naturally fuzzy curl hair meant hair cuts of most styles don't work, fringes don't work and I'm not one to spend a lot of time preening myself to make it straight ect. It was a match made in heaven, till my kids went to school for the first time and got nits that invaded my locks, now they are gone but will return when my hair has grown back.

Alinta I have naturally thick, wiry hair which mats up so dreads was allowing me to have my mats with style


Shanti I was diagnosed with the big "c". Dreads were on my bucket list. So thinking I was going to lose my hair through treatment, got the dreads straight away. Found alternative treatment works well with me & the dreads stayed

Jam Never owned a brush or comb


Nicole For me they hold a huge amount of meaning -  political, personal, spiritual. They are feminist, left wing, symbolic of social justice and egalitarianism, anti racist, anti beauty and anti all things oppressive and brainwashed.


Caner Well, I love my dreads, but I guess I loved my hair more. But I'm a cook and having long hair in the kitchen means too much stress and requires too much attention and maintanence for hair. So I decided to have dreads and now I'm so relaxed!


Tessa Being the fruit-loop in the cheerio


Siouxsie I had hair that would knot very easily to the extent that I would have to comb my hair several times a day or I would find a dreadlock beginning to form in my hair. I realized I was meant to have dreadlocks. I went with the flow.


Jud Its the only thing I have left they can't take!
 Fantastic question, although I would never recommend it. Lots of time, love, patients, bullshit, stereotype, money, love! Be wary.  Love your dreadiez!

Cate I don't have dreads yet but the process has started. I too have wirey curly self dreading hair. So with 50 rapidly approaching ITS TIME to be the authentic wild woman that I am.

Rochelle I've always found them beautiful & figured I've had normalish hair for 25yrs,why not dreads for the rest. I love that my hair is my form of art


Kate Wow this has really opened my eyes to the many reasons why people get dreads. I've only ever known people to have them because of the love they hold for the art of dreadlocks and the beauty of them. I've only ever known people that love and care for them as if they were their own children. Dreads take A LOT of maintenance not just in the beginning but constant separation when they begin to grow together at the base, periodic rematting of new growth, oiling, waxing and adding any colours/wraps or trinkets. It's a love affair in my eyes or they turn into nasty dirty clumped messy poo locks.


Jud Nasty dirty plump crude locks? Sounds itchy


Kate I find often people who get dreads because they want to look alternative or cool don't realise just how much maintenance, effort and love go into them. I was absolutely devastated I had to cut mine out I cried the whole time. Dreads are truly an art form and as such take as much care as painting a masterpiece on the cisteen chapel...... Ya don't just slap it together and it's all good.


Jud Cutting my hair is a terrifying thought.  Its kinda like growing weed


Kate I just couldn't get rid of the nits the boys had picked up from school my youngest has quite think wavy hair. I now send them to school with gelled hair EVERYDAY!!! I will not let that occur again. Spraying hair spray on them through winter especially will be a must when I put my dreads back in. Hahsha jud that's right all the love and attention yields the finest quality result. Lazy loveless growing creates schnicklefritz!!! Hahaha

Merryn I have always loved the way they looked but felt I couldn't get them due to my job. I kept having dreams I had dreadlocked hair, so I saw that as a sign, i so love them, just want them to be longer. Love the freedom, feeling & wish I had done it years ago!

Robert I had a calling for them

Hippie Tina Because they are the roots of my soul.


Heather I don't know why it just felt right.

Lisa Love all the reasons! I'd love to have them because they are against the norm. Unfortunately my hair is straight and I don't know anyone that does them near me.


Norm I got them cause I missed having them (had them 4 times already) and Sam is the bomb!

Lisa Because this






Lewis Because i was born for them. I never used to brush my hair and once given the choice grew it long. Id always loved the ideas behind dreads and so it was more of a natural progression than a choice

Kylie I have always admired others but never thought I could pull them off myself. With work, my limp lifeless natural hair. Then I did Sams course & here they are to stay! No issues with work (in a bank) I tie them back/up all neat & tidy & set them free when not at work. My limp hair is now thick gorgeous dreads that I love creating new styles I could never do before. They are not hard work at all, the way I created them requires little maintenance whatsoever. I love them!.......plus I love all the bling I can put in them

Helen Because I have always admired the people who have the guts to be unconventional and have them & one day I reached a point in my life where I was like I want them and it's my hair and it's my choice and I don't care what you think too bad it took till 38 lol & I'm so glad I did it x

Kylie Same Helen! Took me 39 I do get the odd person say 'why on earth did you do that?!' I just reply 'it's my midlife crisis & they're cheaper then a Ferrari!!!'

Lewis Better late than never!

Helen That's me! They were a month old on the 3rd of June, can't wait for summer on the beach to really loc them in, (in Australia)






Belinda I did it to gain self esteem. I used to care too much what ppl think, dreads helped me get over that. Also, I never got compliments on my hair and now I do all the time, tho mainstream ppl usually just ask me how I did it. I get an average of three compliments a day when I wear them down, especially, never got one before....

Hacel I've always admired people with dreadlocks, I never cared about styling normal hair( that always been a hassle, I also hate brushing my hair) I would of gotten short hair but my head would feel weird, hair would get pooffy and I looked silly or somebody (strangers) will always confuse me with somebody else, which was always awkward. I'm so happy I got them done at 23. All I need now is to learn how to make. Bum with my locks <3


Me (Sam) My dread journey started when i was about 14.  I have naturally really thick, curly hair so it dreaded on its own.  I think it wanted to dread, and as has been said already, I think I was born for them.